Why Are Rolex So Expensive: Everything You Need to Know

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why are Rolex so expensive

From world leaders and business people to athletes, actors, and musicians — Rolex timepieces are often spotted on the wrists of big-shot, high-profile individuals. But have you ever wondered why Rolex watches are so expensive — or even the other luxury watch brands?

It makes sense when it’s a basketball signed by Michael Jordan himself. Or a cricket bat signed by Imran Khan? But a timepiece that costs millions? Really?

Well, it’s a fact that Rolex is a swiss luxury watchmaker that represents elegance, class, and boldness. And the most expensive Rolex ever sold at an auction was purchased for $17.8 million. 

Keep reading if you’re curious about understanding the luxury watch market. By the end of this article, you’ll have enough information to chat with any watch enthusiast and answer the question, “why are Rolex so expensive.” Let’s get started!

Why Are Rolex So Expensive? – 5 Primary Reasons

While some may consider Rolex price tags to be unnecessarily high, there’s a large number of customers ready to pay millions immediately. Not to mention the concentrated market of pre-owned Rolex and other swiss watches. Here are five top reasons why Rolex watches are costly:

1. Rolex Watches Have Become Investments

Sounds weird, right? But believe it or not, the Rolex watches have become a status symbol on which many business ventures were built. Investors sent shockwaves down the industry. Big whales manipulate the market and use the results to generate profits.

Think stocks and cryptocurrency trading — that’s how big it has become.

It is almost impossible for people to grab a piece from an authorized dealer, and the prices on the pre-owned market are even higher. A Rolex Submariner that somebody purchased two decades ago will now cost more on the pre-owned market than today’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

How did it start? We like to believe it was a snowball effect. The increased demand for Rolex built its synergy with investor-savvy mindsets and obsessive buyers. Wristwatch enthusiasts now try to get their hands on a piece that will sell for a more significant premium on the pre-owned market.

Why so much faith in a watch? Simple — Rolex’s dedication to quality. Their remarkable quality and exceptional production process make them stand out from the crowd. The watches hold their value and will continue to appreciate even decades down the lane.

Oh, and it’s not just the men who love them. Be it Lady-Datejust or Graceful Elegance, Rolex has produced thousands and thousands of watches for women. As we said, the demand is high. People all over the world love them.

Are you considering investing in one? Check out our detailed guide on how you can make profits off watches.

2. Meticulous Production 

Luxury Wristwatch Isolated

Production of a Rolex involves more than just attaching straps and introducing a timepiece. It’s the hand-assembled dials and movements, premium materials, the highest-quality stainless steel, white gold, and more. Here are vital areas under this point:


While it’s easy to imagine watchmakers coming up with a design and automatic machinery taking care of the rest, much more goes into designing watches. It’s a meticulous, tiring process. The profession is highly paid, and Rolex only hires the best scientists and watchmakers.

The whole system thrives due to multiple professional facilities with research and development departments. In addition to being equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology, some processes work on better optimization of designs.

Money, time, and effort go into creating techniques that enable Rolex to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Creating aesthetically pleasing and mechanical timepieces requires a plan, designing phase, and approvals, followed by production, rigorous testing, quality assurance, and optimization.

The research department is always fully invested in various oils, types of machinery, and systems that can help them produce better and faster. Gas spectrometers, electron microscopes, and other highly sophisticated equipment are used.

All of this, combined with in-house development, the highest level of craftsmanship, and employee training, raise the costs to a new level.

904L Stainless Steel

Most luxury watch brands use 316L stainless steel. But as we mentioned earlier, Rolex only goes for premium quality materials. It uses the 904L stainless steel — also known as ‘oyster steel’ and ‘corrosion-resistant superalloy’ in the realm of Rolex. 

This steel is an alloy of chromium, copper, and nickel and is also resistant to magnetic fields, harsh weather, and rust.

Imagine the industry’s luxury standard being a bargain basement in front of Rolex’s luxury standard. This is why Rolex has, hands down, the most expensive watches.

The 904L stainless steel is super hard and indestructible. It’s native to the Rolex realm, and no other watch brand goes close to it — mainly because it’s extremely difficult to machine. On the other hand, surgical-grade steel (316L) is relatively cheaper and easier to work with. 

Quality Materials — No Expense Spared

In addition to hiring the best scientists and watchmakers, Rolex also has an army of gemologists that ensures the incorporation of the finest stones into its watches. Interestingly, Rolex is the only watch brand that doesn’t outsource for gold but produces theirs. White gold, yellow gold, diamond, and precious stones are precisely hand-placed and fortified.

Rolex is your best bet if you’re looking for a mechanical watch made entirely of gold. They use genuine 18K yellow, white, and everose gold. Explains how many vintage models from Rolex are so expensive and even more valued in the resale market.

Hand-Assembled Movements

One of the most famous watch brands in the world, Rolex is an envy for many because the dials and movements are hand-assembled. The precision and skill it takes require them to work with the finest watchmakers in the world.

And don’t take us wrong — they use machinery and probably the finest one out there. But that’s primarily used for simple tasks like cataloging, filing, and sorting. 

But the part where they assemble bracelets and movements is done by hand. Once a watch is ready, it’s tested by quality assurance tester artisans who ensure the high quality of Rolex’s watches. 

Impressive Water-Resistance Quality

Some Rolex models are designed to withstand water pressure down to about 300 meters. Now that’s impressive, won’t you say?

Another price determinant is evolving technology. For example, while earlier models could accommodate a water depth of over 200 meters, modern models can go as far as 3000 meters.

For quality assurance purposes, Rolex watches are tested under pressurized tanks. There’s a series of “deepsea” watches that were crafted for actual diving — commissioned by a France-based diving company. 

Mechanical Watches are Generally Expensive to Build

Mechanical watches have the highest failure rate, particularly because of the small parts used in their production. Everything needs to be just perfect. They’re delicate wrist pieces yet the strongest ones in the world. 

Also, the watches are polished for an excellent finish. Remember, they’re all made in Switzerland, and the labor costs are relatively higher.

3. Periodic Price Increases

Strengthening your product’s value should be a regular part of any company’s master plan. Rolex understands this and does a fantastic job at promoting their worth. They introduce a scheduled price increase for their watches now and then. It’s almost like Apple or a house that you rent. 

Doing this helps Rolex in two ways — it sends spirals of headlines around that to help them market their product, and the price of their watches takes a spike on the resale market.

Yes, it does increase the retail price, but with the royalty and investment that Rolex has now become, the period price increase works like a charm.

So if you buy a Rolex today, it’s very unlikely you’ll lose money. It’ll become an investment, and you’ll be able to sell it at a higher price later. Are you famous?  Your Rolex will market itself for much more.

We also advise that you prioritize a $10,000 Rolex over a $4000 luxury watch from another brand. This is because it’ll give you a higher return on investment down the lane.

Remember that when you purchase a Rolex from the resale market and let’s say it’s a 10-year-old watch, you’ll probably spend double its original amount. It will have gone through multiple price hikes over the years. That’s exactly how the resale market is bullish.

4. Rolex’s Demand is Far Greater Than Supply

We’ve all read it somewhere, and many of us studied it — the supply-demand curve, notorious for raising prices.

How does this relate to Rolex?

Well, the synergy is simple. When an item is available in a lesser amount, consumers are willing to pay more for it. This consequently results in demand-pull inflation. In some societies, consumer behavior gets paired up with a seller’s behavior who wants to take advantage of the situation and make money off a consumer’s needs.

In the case of Rolex, the demand is high — in fact, it far exceeds the supply. The shortage causes a frenzy among watch enthusiasts from all over the world. Collectors are readily available to pay more at all times, consistently causing a price increase and maintaining it on the resale market. 

Simply put, if you’re a watch enthusiast and have a lot of money, you’ll have no problem.

5. Rolex Luxury Watches are Durable

Rolex luxury watches are made of expensive materials designed to stand the test of time. That’s what drives the resale and vintage market. The manufacturing processes are phenomenal, and production facilities are top-notch. 

Ceramic bezels, rigorous testing in high-pressure water tanks, resistance to corrosion, etc., indicate incredibly high industry standards. 

Who would pay for a watch that costs millions and wouldn’t last 30-40 years? Why would anyone pay 10x retail price for an old product? People pay because of Rolex’s excellent quality control. Timeless designs, impeccable details in watch dials, and no compromise on quality are the secret ingredients.

Where Do I Sell My Rolex Watch for the Best Price?

Male customer choosing watches

Are you already tired of your Rolex? Or maybe you’re broke, and you need some quick cash. Here are possible places to sell your luxury watches:


Consigning your Rolex should always be your last resort so let’s get that out of the way. Since it involves using a thrift store or a third-party vendor to sell your product, you may or may not be able to set your price. 

In addition, if you set your price, you’ll have no guarantee or timeline on how long it will take the store owner to sell your Rolex.

Lastly, even if you set your price and let’s assume that you can sell it instantly, you’ll have to pay a portion of your profit or a placement fee to the store owner — perhaps even both. We advise steering clear of this option until you need the money. And even then, don’t settle for less — get the right price for your product. 

Pawn Shops

Not all pawn shops will take your Rolex, but the ones that will take will try to rip you off. Why? Because all they do is make money by flipping products at higher rates.

This means they’ll offer you a small price for Rolex so they can sell it at a higher price later. Or perhaps they’ll go to an auction and get the cost of their choice. 


Like pawn shops, many jewelers will turn down your Rolex, but some might take it — but only if it’s made of gold or diamonds. Unless the owner is a Rolex enthusiast, they’ll only give you the price for gold, silver, diamonds, stones, or the overall bracelet. 

So that’s not a viable solution either.

Traditional Auction House

You’ll have to spoon over a seller’s fee to the auction house, but it’s a great place to get your desired price. If you have a great-looking watch, let the collectors see it. If it catches the eye, you’ll have good bids and, hopefully, sell it for a great price.

Luxury Watch Experts

Luxury watch experts will try and buy your watch at a lower price. But if you’re able to locate good watch experts, they’ll gladly pay your desired fee and sell it for even higher. These guys have links within the industry and help maintain the price monopoly. 

So if you need more time, want to cut down on the guesswork, want the desired price, and cut out the time limitations, go to luxury watch experts. 

Online Auction Sites/Reddit

The business model at these sites is to charge you for listing the watch. It can work, but it doesn’t guarantee a sale, and you end up paying some amount for listing. Retailers like eBay, however, may help you get the right price and generate a sale. You may even have to look into pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimization to get your product listing at the top.

How Much Does My Rolex Cost? 

The price of your Rolex depends on several factors. For instance, model, condition, age, box or not, paper, design, materials used, etc. Generally, the most affordable Rolex models are within the five figures’ price range. But high-end models cost six figures and more. 

If you’re looking for the right price for your Rolex, we suggest finding Reddit groups and posting there. You’ll be able to connect with plenty of collectors plus experts who’ll give you the necessary insight.

It’ll give you a good idea about your Rolex’s price, and you’ll be better positioned to strike deals.

Also, don’t forget the paperwork. Rolex is the most counterfeited watch in the world — you’ll be surprised to find the fakes out there. If you have paperwork, it’ll be proof of its authenticity, and your watch will be worth a lot more.

The paperwork includes receipt, certificate of authenticity, original box and packaging, down-the-line paperwork for servicing the watch, etc.

How to Check the Authenticity of a Rolex Watch?

Authentic Watch

There are multiple ways of discovering whether your Rolex is authentic. You must master these ways, especially if you’re planning to buy a second-hand Rolex. Don’t just rely on one of the ways — the more ways you verify, the better.

Bring the Rolex Near Your Ear

Rolex is equipped with an automatic movement system despite its eight micro parts. Whenever you handle a Rolex, bring it close to your ear. The watch is loaded with quartz movement if you can hear a ticking sound.

That’s your cue to drop the Rolex right there. A genuine Rolex doesn’t make a ticking sound and is soundless.

Crown Etching Must be Well-Crafted

Replicators won’t always pay attention to detail. The logo will have some kind of imperfection if it’s fake. An authentic Rolex has a small crown-etching at 6’o clock — they’ve been doing this since 2022. You’ll see the larger crown-etching, but if you can spot the small one with a magnifying glass, you’re probably good to go.

Check the Watch’s Back

Almost all Rolex’s have a smooth metal back case. A clear backside is an indication that it’s a fake one. An authentic Rolex will have a smooth, shining metal back.

Check the Engraved Rolex Serial Number

Nobody, and we mean nobody, can copy Rolex’s way of engraving the serial numbers. Unless you’re Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice, you might.

Otherwise, the serial number is perfectly engraved on the high-quality metal body. If you see an etched serial number, that’s your cue to say goodbye to the seller.

Watch Out for Surprising Prices

A fake Rolex seller is likely to offer a surprising price — that’ll either be too high or too low. You must do your homework beforehand so you can expect a price beforehand. Think about it, a swiss watch for an incredibly low price? It sounds fishy. Get your facts right before moving forward.

Secondly, if the watch’s quality is poor and the seller charges you too much, they are probably deceiving you about the model. Make sure you have something to compare it to before you pay and go on your way.

The Watch’s Weight

An authentic Rolex is made of metal, and that’s why it’s usually pretty heavy. It also has a high-quality, genuine, well-crafted bracelet, making it pretty easy to spot a fake one. 

A Rolex that weighs less, and the finishing looks a bit edgy? That’s always a fake one.

Text on the Dial

Closely examine the text. It has to be high-quality, not bubbly, improper, or spread. Also, it must be smooth and should meet Rolex’s standards.

General Tips for the First-Time Rolex Buyer 

Now before you decide to invest in a Rolex, consider the following tips and use them as a buying guide:

  • A Rolex watch will last about forever. If you have money and are passionate about watches, feel free to go wild.
  • The most famous dressy Rolex watches are OP, DateJust, and DayDate.
  • The most famous Sports Rolex are GMT, Submariner, Daytona, Explorer, Milgauss, Air King, etc.
  • Investing $10K into a Rolex won’t get you very far in 2022. You have to think big, or you can go home. Perhaps you can invest in a Submariner or an Explorer, but you’ll have to stretch your budget a bit.
  • If you have $10K, you can look into the collector-grade sets that come with boxes and papers, but those are purely vintage watches and won’t compete well with today’s modern watches.
  • You can purchase a watch from any reputable dealer. You can also look into subreddits like r/watchexchange — you might just spot your desired timepieces at wholesale prices. You can buy and sell watches there easily.
  • It is usually best to buy from authorized dealers since they’re usually less expensive and won’t rip you off. It’s a time-consuming alternative but probably the best shot. If you’re short on time, Reddit and online auctions will work best.
  • Try convincing authorized dealers (ADs) that you’re not a flipper. Wear a nice watch, show your enthusiasm, and ask questions. Many ADs are trying to allow first-time buyers to enter the market. Be genuine, be yourself.
  • Most ADs are trying to fulfill orders from years ago, so bear with them but don’t give up on your interests. 
  • Some watches may be out of reach for first-time buyers, and that’s all right. Research well and be straightforward about what model you’re looking for. Always keep at least 2-3 options in mind.
  • Link the purchase to a promotion or perhaps a wedding. It’ll make you happier, and you’ll have a premium timepiece on your wrist for the big day. It just feels good, that’s all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Purchase a Rolex Watch?

You can buy or sell a Rolex watch at one of their authorized dealers, online retailers like eBay, subreddits, Facebook groups, auctions, etc. Whichever you choose, do your homework beforehand, don’t get ripped off, and ensure to check the authenticity of your Rolex watch. 

Does Rolex Come With a Guarantee?

Yes, it does. Rolex guarantees the proper functioning of watches for five years from the date of purchase. This excludes loss, theft, everyday wear-and-tear, and misuse damage. But if there’s any other fault with your Rolex, you’ll be able to get a replacement.

However, if you’re purchasing a second-hand Rolex, you’ll only be able to benefit from the guarantee if your purchase is within the first five years. If it’s an older model that you’re buying from the secondary market with the purchase date long gone, Rolex won’t guarantee you anything.

Nothing to worry about, though — your Rolex will likely last a lifetime unless it’s damaged due to misuse.

What Other Brands Come Close to a Rolex?

Patek Philippe, Omega, Tudor, Audemars Piguet, Longines, etc., are some of the other finest names in the industry. 

Why Is Switzerland Famous for Its Watches?

Simple! They never compromised and continued to develop high-end watches by implementing cutting-edge technologies and training the world’s finest watchmakers to their benefit.


If you read this far, you’ll notice that there are various answers to the question, “why are Rolex so expensive?” Rolex watches are so expensive because people treat them as an investment. 

Collectors and watch enthusiasts love them. Their demand is fairly high compared to their annual production. People will gladly invest in a Rolex than purchase gold bars or stocks. The best part? People get to wear and flaunt their investments! Interesting fact? Rolex has been outperforming houses, gold, and even stocks. 

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