A Comprehensive Review of The Rolex Batman 

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Wristwatches are no longer simply worn for function. Today, many people sport these accessories, and wearing a wristwatch has a much deeper meaning in our modern time where most use smartphones to tell the time.

It is believed that wearing a wristwatch shows that you are an organized and responsible individual. These statement accessories also offer a sense of reliability and show that you are someone who has a deep appreciation for the value of time. 

There are many luxury watch brands out there, but one of the most sought-after watch models is the Rolex Batman

The Rolex GMT-Master II Batman is often referred to as the perfect GMT watch, and it is a prized possession for those who are fortunate enough to own this pristine accessory. Everything about this wristwatch screams style, class, and elegance. But is it a better watch than its predecessor? 

In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at the Rolex Batman, and we discuss all of its glorious features in detail. 

A Brief History of the Rolex Batman

Rolex is the first company to create a colored, two-toned, scratch-resistant ceramic that can be used on stainless steel watches. Since 2005, they have launched numerous watch models that feature this high-end bi-color bezel that is perfect for telling the time in different time zones. 

The Rolex GMT-Master II Batman men’s watch was created and launched in 2019 and has been making headlines ever since. This wristwatch was developed to replace the first Rolex GMT-Master II Batman, which was produced in 2013 and discontinued shortly before launching the new Batman model.

Some buyers love the new look of this Rolex watch while others feel that the older model had a better appearance.

Main Differences Between the 2013 and 2019 Batman Rolex

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If you are a serious Rolex collector, then you might be interested in knowing the main differences between this new 2019 model and its predecessor. The differences are especially important since the face of the watch hasn’t changed in terms of appearance. Here is a quick summary of the main differences between these two watch models.


The most significant difference is the bracelet. The 2013 model featured a stainless steel oyster bracelet and is considered a sportier bracelet for luxury watches. The newer model features a stainless steel Jubilee bracelet that offers a more formal appearance. 


The old version was developed with the Caliber 3186 movement that was originally developed by Rolex. The new watch is designed with a newer generation Caliber 3285. This newer caliber offers greater resistance to shock as well as a longer power reserve.

Power Reserve

The caliber of the 2013 watch model offered a 50-hour power reserve before the watch needed to be re-wound. The new Batman model features an improved power reserve of 70 hours, which allows the watch to keep running for up to three days before you need to re-wind it. 

While some might not be too fond of the new Jubilee bracelet design, the technological advances of this watch certainly make it a worthy investment.  

Features of the Rolex Master II Batman

As expected from Rolex, only the finest quality products have been used to develop this superb watch. There are many specs to love about this high-class watch. Let’s discuss all the glorious features of this GMT watch in detail. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 40-millimeter diameter and 12 millimeters thick
  • Weight – 3.44 Ounces
  • Main materials – Stainless steel/oyster steel
  • Dial window materials – Sapphire crystal
  • Model number – 116710LN
  • Model year – 2017
  • Colors – Stainless steel with black face and black/blue dial
  • Movement – Swiss Automatic self-winding caliber 3186
  • Water resistance – Up to 100 meters
  • Power reserve – 70 hours
  • Functions – Hours, minutes, seconds, date, with 24-hour GMT display 

Main Materials

The case and Jubilee bracelet of this watch are made from 904L stainless steel and are a type of metal that is specifically used for advanced tech products because it is remarkably corrosion-resistant, tarnish-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable.

The dial window is made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which protects the interior components of the watch dials.

The black dial in the face watch and two-tone bezel receive their pigmentation from a cerachrom or ceramic coating. This coating is specially developed for its scratch resistance and ensures superior durability despite that the cerachrom bezel is continuously exposed to exterior elements.

Watch Face

As with most Rolex watches, this one features a standard 40mm oyster steel case, and the watch face is identical to the previous Batman model. This watch’s face features a black background with an accented two-tone bezel around the watch’s face. The black dial has luminescent hands as well as luminescent hour markers so you can easily tell the time at a glance. 

The watch face also features a small magnified window with a Cyclops lens at the 3 o’clock position that displays the date. The watch has a regular analog layout with minute indicators above the hour indicators.

The blue and black bezel of the watch is bi-directional and rotates with a graduated 24-hour function. This watch is also sealed with a triblock waterproof system that keeps the face from fogging up in humid conditions and protects the watch should it come in contact with water. 

Watch Bracelet

Some love the more delicate or dressy look of the Rolex watch bracelet while others prefer the oyster bracelet that the previous model featured. The all-new Batman is designed with a Jubilee bracelet that is made from oyster stainless steel. 

This bracelet looks a lot more delicate, and many feel that it is more suitable for our current lifestyles because owners can easily transition between smart, casual, and sporty looks and keep wearing their favorite watch for all of these styles.

The more delicate appearance of the new Batman has resulted in many people referring to this watch as the “Batgirl”, however, this more feminine look is in no way viewed as negative. The watch — with its 5-link bracelet and smooth design — receives a lot of positive reviews from male and female fans.  

Technical Function

One of the main advantages that this newer version of the Batman Rolex watch has over the older model is its inner components. This watch has more advanced self-winding GMT caliber 3285 mechanisms. This mechanism features a hairspring with higher shock-absorbent qualities, which means your watch is less likely to become damaged upon impact.

The perpetual rotor offers a power reserve of 70 hours. This essentially means the watch can last a lot longer before it needs to be wound up. The self-winding feature also winds up the watch throughout the day with the help of natural wrist movement.

Only advanced parts are used for the development of Rolex watches. These advanced components and high-tech design ensure that the watch keeps time and functions well for decades to come. 

Water Resistance

Rolex watches are not exactly designed for swimming but are designed to be waterproof. This specific model is designed with a triblock waterproof system. This means the watch can be submerged to a depth of up to 100 meters without becoming damaged. 

Some Oyster Rolex watches can withstand depths of up to 1,200 — and up to 3,900 meters. The stainless steel and ceramic materials of this watch are also tarnish-resistant and aren’t likely to stain or discolor when it comes in contact with harsh water types like seawater. 

Since the Rolex Batman is marketed as water-resistant and not waterproof, it is perfectly fine to keep your watch on for a quick swim. Most Rolex owners do however prefer to remove these costly accessories when they are spending a lot of time in the water.


Rolex is one of the highest-reputed wrist watch brands in the world, and the Batman is one of their most renowned watch models. These pieces are sought after and recognized by various influencers and figures.

Both the new and the old Rolex Batman models have a high reputation and are prized possessions. It is, however, noteworthy that the Batman range doesn’t match the Rolex Pepsi wrist watch model in terms of popularity. The Rolex Pepsi is the most popular and sought-after in Rolex’s Master collection.


The Batman Rolex watch isn’t the most expensive in Rolex’s Master II series. The most expensive of these ranges are the Rolex GMT-Master II Diamond Gold and the GMT-Master II Solid Gold watches. The Rolex Pepsi 126719BLRO-0003 and Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Meteorite are also sold at higher prices. 

With that said, it also isn’t the cheapest in their range either. Rolex’s GMT-Master II Root Beer Gold, their Two Tone Black, and their Coke Black are all much more affordable than the Batman Jubilee or even the older Batman Oyster models.

Most feel that the Batman has an average price for a luxury watch, but it is still pretty hard to get your hands on these sports watches since they do have a steep retail price. Many also believe that, just like the Pepsi Rolex, the value of these famous watches is bound to increase significantly over time.

If you love the look and style of the Batman, then you can also consider the pre-owned market. This is a good option if you are looking for a Batman Master that features an Oyster bracelet. In terms of price, the secondary market is the most realistic option, especially if you are a watch collector who is hoping to add to your collection in the future.  

Rolex Nicknames

As with most famous products, this sought-after watch has many nicknames. Both the older version and newer version of the Batman watch have a couple of nicknames. 

“Batman” is the most common nickname given to this watch since it was launched in 2013. This specific nickname seems to stick well because it corresponds well with the two-tone colors of the bezel.

Others have also started this model, the “Bruiser” or “The Dark Knight,” and it even had a simpler name — “The Black Blue.” 

The new version of the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman is the only one that is often referred to as the “Batgirl.” This name is received from the softer and more dressy look that the Jubilee bracelet offers along with the traditional Batman face.

Rolex also has quite a few nicknames for some of their other watches. The Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 is referred to as the Rolex Coke because of its black and red bezel while the Rolex GMT-Master II 116719BLRO is called the Rolex Pepsi for its blue and red bezel colors. 

Rolex also has nicknames for some of the watches in their other ranges. The Rolex Submariner Date 16610LF is referred to as Kermit because of its green bezel and black face while the Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV is called the Hulk due to its all-green background and bezel look. The Rolex Submariner Date 116619LB is also called the Smurf thanks to its blue face and bezel.

Top Reasons To Love the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

A Comprehensive Review of The Rolex Batman 

There are quite a few reasons to adore this durable sports watch from Rolex. Here is a quick look at some of the top reasons to choose this watch over other luxury watch competitors.

Timeless Design

The Rolex Batman features the same timeless Rolex look that has been popular for the past 50 years. This watch face is bound to stay popular for a long time to come.

Solid Feel

The watch has a comfortable feel on your wrist. It fits well and has a solid build but isn’t too heavy. 

Easy to Read

The face is readable and allows you to tell the time with a glance. It is easy to tell the time even in limited light conditions, and there are just enough functions to ensure comfortable usage without being overpowered by functions and features.


The sports watch is water resistant and will handle plunges of up to 100 meters underwater. This is ideal for those lively Rolex lovers who might find themselves in unexpected rain storms or who might forget to take the watch off before plunging into a pool. 


It is a perfect gifting solution because the back plate of the Rolex watch is plain. You can easily take it to a jeweler to get it custom engraved.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rolex Batman

What is a Batman Rolex?

The Batman Rolex is one of the most expensive and famous watches in the Rolex range. This wristwatch is unique in its appearance because it is the only Rolex wristwatch that features a two-toned black and blue bezel. The darker appearance of this watch is associated with the Dark Knight, hence the name.

Who wears a Rolex Batman?

This watch is popular amongst many celebrity figures. The singer John Mayer, actor Rob Lowe, and actor Steve Carell have been spotted wearing this pristine accessory. This Rolex watch is also popular amongst famous athletes. 

Figures like the tennis player Roger Federer, Kasper Schmeichel the goalkeeper for Leicester, Karim Benzema the striker for Real Madrid, and professional soccer player Christian Benteke all have this watch in their collection.

 Final Note

We hope that this guide gave you some more insight regarding the Rolex Batman watch so you can decide whether this is a good gifting option or investment or if you should opt for something a little bit different. 

For most Rolex collectors, the Master II Batman is a lavish but worthy investment because the unique appearance of the dial certainly stands out from other Rolex watches. The slightly sporty look of this stainless steel watch also makes it slightly more suitable for our modern lifestyles where class, comfort, and adventure often overlap. 

Thank you for reading this product review, and please have a look at some of our other guides on Happy Watches Now if you want to learn more about other great-looking accurate watches. 

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