The 5 Best Watches with Gears to Buy

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No matter how unique your preferences might be, there’s almost certain to be at least one type of dress watch for you. Watches with gears are always an excellent choice for those willing to see the internal mechanism of their timepiece.

Partially and fully exposed skeleton watches have an appeal that can be hard to resist. The best pieces don’t only display mechanical movement but also redefine aesthetics.

If you’re looking for pointers on how to get these watches, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, Happy Watches Now will highlight how to pick quality watches with exposed gears. Also, we’ll discuss some of the best full and partially-exposed dial pieces you can get right now.


5 Best Watches with Gears

There are various watches with gears in the market, but which is the best according to the latest trends? Let’s find out.

1. SEAKOSS Sapphire Crystal Double Tourbillon Men’s Watch

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The SEAKOSS Sapphire Crystal Double Tourbillon watch for men is a gem among watches with gears. It features a polished stainless steel case and a 100% scratch-proof synthetic sapphire glass mirror.

This watch arguably has the most exquisite partially-exposed dial design in present-day markets. But some will argue that the timepiece isn’t from one of the largest watch manufacturers. However, that doesn’t neglect its quality. 

The watch arguably has the most exquisite partially-exposed dial design in present-day markets. Also, the strap is breathable, so people who have to wear the watch for long periods can be comfortable.

Beyond this watch’s top-tier aesthetics and functionality, the watch comes in an elegant gift box. This makes it an ideal gift for the males in your circle on any occasion!

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  • It’s a long-lasting quality timepiece.
  • The visible gears in motion are finely designed.
  • Its genuine leather strap makes it highly comfortable to wear.
  • It’s a beautiful wristwatch without any unnecessary components.
  • It comes with its gift box package.
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  • As it’s a manually wound watch, it may not suit people who don’t wear timepieces regularly.
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2. Tielbo Stainless Steel Tourbillon Watch for Men

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For a master watchmaker, Tielbo keeps a fairly low profile. However, many of their works have made huge splashes since the luxury watch brand started nearly a decade ago.

The brand demonstrates perfection in making quality exposed skeleton watches with the launch of this model. Tielbo produced one of the most stunning fully-exposed dial watches with this timepiece.

These self-winding watches boast a frequency vibration of 29 800 VPH. Thanks to the design, you can witness every aspect of mechanical movement.

Beyond the real-time movement, the fully-exposed gear is also built with several high-grade materials to make it durable.

For example, the watch case is made of a patented combination of magnesium and titanium. Hence, as seen with utility army field watches, the timepiece case is solid and impervious to rust and corrosion.

The glass of the watch is every bit as durable too. Made of synthetic sapphire crystal, it’s not only scratch resistant but possesses a high level of hardness as well.

And while you can’t take this stunning piece of jewelry swimming or diving, its 50m water resistance capabilities ensure that you have more than enough moisture protection for the timepiece during daily use.

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  • Its skeletonized dial has an exquisite design.
  • It’s a durable and long-lasting high-quality timepiece.
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • Its design and quality make it a great gift item.
  • It has a decent build and doesn’t feel too bulky on the wrist.
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  • Its flashy design can make it unideal for everyday use.
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3. Orient Star Skeleton Watch

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Only a few Japanese brands can claim the proud and long heritage Orient has. This luxury watch brand has been manufacturing classical dress watches for over seven decades.

While they don’t have many exposed-gear mechanism timepieces to their name, the few that Orient has produced over the years have rocked the watchmaking industry to its core.

One of the finest examples is the Orient Star skeletonized dial watch.

Among the things that make this particular skeleton dial watch stand out for us is its abundant simplicity in elegance.

A common pitfall with most affordable skeleton watches is that, despite the best efforts of the master watchmaker, the internal mechanism revealed tends to come off as unrefined.

Orient remains one of the few quality watchmakers to craft a wristwatch with a level of elegance that’s almost impossible to reproduce.

For those who’re done with getting plain old exposed-gear watch types and want to try genuinely decent watches with refreshing visible mechanisms, this Orient Star skeletonized dial is undoubtedly the best place to start!

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  • The skeleton dial and internal mechanism are crafted with elegance.
  • It’s an excellent timepiece for people with smaller hands.
  • The manually wound watch has a fantastic heritage.
  • The mechanical movement remains accurate and precise for years.
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  • Its deployment clasp might make it an ill-fit for some users.
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4. Haofa Manual Tourbillon Watch for Men

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There’s no doubt that automatic watches make a strong case. However, in the presence of highly functional timepieces like the Haofa Manual Tourbillon, it’s almost too easy to forget what those are.

With a double-sided hollow tourbillon, a VPH of 21 600, and a staggering 120-hour power reserve, this timepiece will have you falling in love with fully-exposed skeleton watches in no time.

Everything about this watch spells elegance, exclusivity, and luxury, from its stainless steel that boasts polished metal to the visual gold that accentuates the timepiece’s features.

This mechanical wristwatch stands out because its aesthetics blend with various clothing styles. Thanks to that, you or anyone you gift the timepiece won’t have to ask the most common mechanical watch FAQ of all time, “What clothing can I wear this accessory with?”

The best part of the deal is that these Chinese watches get full after-sale service, so you get increased quality assurance.

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  • It has a substantial power reserve.
  • It’s a beautiful wristwatch.
  • It comes with an impressive four-winding drive system.
  • It comes with a gift box.
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • The quality watchmaker offers fast and reliable after-sale service for the timepiece.
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  • Its 43-mm case size makes it better suited for people with large wrists.
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5. Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette Watch

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On the higher end of the price spectrum, you can always pick quality watches with gears. A problem ensues, however, when you’re looking at more affordable watches with the same functionality.

One reason is that it can be challenging to ensure readability when so many visible gears are in motion.

But like all the other entries on our list, the Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Squelette manages to accomplish this with an economy of fuss.

The way it elegantly displays parts of the mainspring barrel and the balance wheel while using stylish plates and bridges to conceal the more essential components is something you won’t see with random watches.

Moving away from the dial and flipping the watch over, we see again that Tissot manages to stimulate watch lovers by finding a perfect balance between what is and isn’t shown here.

Overall, this timepiece’s skeleton dial pushes the boundaries of what these watches are supposed to be in a mesmerizing way.

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  • Its dial/movement combinations are perfectly executed.
  • It’s one of the most tastefully designed and affordable skeleton watches available at the moment.
  • It has a decent power reserve.
  • Its beautiful rose gold case is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • It has a well-balanced and lightweight feel.
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  • The gray handset on this edition can be tricky for some users.
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Everything You Need to Know to Get the Best Watches with Gears

If you’re not caught up in the hype of modern watches, timepieces with exposed gears can make an invaluable addition to your collection. However, before you decide if you’ll be opting for a high-end or entry-level watch segment, you should know a few things.

What are Watches with Exposed Gears?

Watches with gears exposed don’t have the traditional dial. Because of this, parts or all of the watch’s internal mechanisms are plain to see. This is also why this type of dress watch is sometimes called a skeletonized watch.

Watches that visibly show their gears in motion have been around since the 18th century in France. The earliest French watches in this category were expressly designed to stand out from the classical dress watches of the era and impress royalty.

Over the years, these watches have become synonymous with art and are revered as statement pieces.

Types of Skeletonized Watches

Different watches show varying degrees of arrangement of mechanical movement. The three most important types of watch gear exposure to note are:

The Full Skeleton Watch

Famous brands in the watch-making industry put out timepieces in this category to display their superiority in the space. This is because, with a full cutaway dial, a quality watchmaker can go all-out, hand-crafting every bit of metal to perfection.

More formally called the “level of finishing,” a master watchmaker will carry out various activities like carving, etching, polishing, and shining so that every aspect of the timepiece has incredible character.

Typically, full cutaway dial watches from many favorite brands in Switzerland command a hefty sum.

The Semi-Skeleton Watch

Also known as partially-exposed dial watches, they only show a sliver of the mechanical watch movement. This allows the watchmaker to design a beautiful dial and use the display of the watch’s internal mechanism as an attractive sideshow.

You can find much more quality yet affordable skeleton watches in this category. So, it can make the perfect compromise as it lets you keep your dial and see the exciting parts of your watch move at the same time.

Open-Heart Skeleton Watch

Open-heart skeleton watches have selectively exposed dials that limit what you can see of the operation. More specifically, these models only carve out a small circle to reveal the perpetual motion of the escape and balance wheels.

People who find the exposed-gear mechanism of multiple internal rotor actions in full and partial skeleton watches too much can simply enjoy seeing the steady heartbeat of their timepiece with this type of timepiece.


Manual-Winding vs. Self-Winding Skeleton Watches – Which is Better?

Both movements have their merits and demerits. However, with skeleton watches, getting a manual-winding timepiece with skeleton watches might prove a better option, especially if you’re getting a fully-exposed cutaway dial. These movements will help you see the internal mechanism better.

Is It Bad to Let my Skeleton Watch Stop?

No, it isn’t bad to let your skeleton watch stop.

If the power reserve on your manual or self-winding watches runs out, all you have to do is wind the crown as appropriate, and it’ll be back in action. More importantly, this won’t damage the movement.

Are Watches with Exposed Gears Worth the Price?

Yes, watches with exposed gears are worth the price. Provided you get a good-quality timepiece — these items will serve you long and well while helping you look classy and different simultaneously.


Watches with gears exposed are some of the best timepieces you can get. Like when the trend started centuries ago, these watches remain a true testament to class and style and can upgrade your wardrobe in unique ways.

If you’re looking for more spectacular watches, check out the best timepieces you can invest in today!

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