A Guide to TAG Heuer Formula 1 Ladies Watches

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tag heuer formula 1 ladies watches

You’ve probably heard of Formula 1 racing, unless you’ve been living under a rock. If you haven’t, you might have a general idea from watching Disney’s movie Cars. With their need for speed dynamics and sleek, cutting-edge design, Formula cars are the definition of a race against time.

Considering this, it’s no surprise that a whole sub-branch of watches has emerged with its design inspired by the fastest, sleekest racing machines that mankind has invented. 

If you have no idea of what to consider when buying a Tag Heuer Formula 1 ladies watch, don’t worry, we have you covered! 

We’ve gone through all the best state-of-the-art Formula 1-inspired watches online and have come up with a list of the best of the best!

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ladies Watches

Through the deep collaboration between legendary drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio and Ayrton Senna, TAG Heuer maintains a solid relationship with Formula 1 racing. The TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 collection features luxurious timepieces that transcend genders to combine the iconic Formula One sports racing genre with women’s fashion.

While the legendary sport is mostly watched by men, TAG Heuer features an amazing collection of glamorous diamond and quartz watches for women’s wear.

1. Tag Heuer Diamond Dial Steel and Ceramic WAH1221BB0865

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Are you looking to treat yourself or just simply buy your lady an anniversary gift to show some love? Do you simply wish to extend your fashion to your wrist to look even more fabulous? TAG Heuer’s latest Formula 1 collection might just be for you.

The auspicious and glamourous Formula 1 diamond dialed Steel and Ceramic is an elegant choice for women’s wear.

The 36mm silver and gold double-toned stainless steel and the ceramic band perfectly encapsulate the beautiful diamond and quartz dial, bringing a fabulous look perfectly compatible with varying fashion designs.

With a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water-proofed coating, the 2-pound wristwear is as beautiful as it is sturdy, leaving no room for any damage concerns.

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  • A rather sporty-looking wristwatch that employs fashion direction from Formula 1 racing
  • The visible gears in motion are finely designed.
  • A beautiful timepiece for its cost, making it as luxurious as it is cost-efficient.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Waterproof
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  • The ceramic-gold/quartz-white color scheme, while looking fabulous on its own, may leave some users preferring a more vibrant color scheme disappointed
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This quartz watch screams elegance and royalty. An haute couture assembles for our sophisticated quartz ladies. The white and gold diamond bezel dial makes it one of the most popular watches on our list.

The elegant design with its gold accents makes it a go-anywhere, withstand-anything watch. We recommend this to anyone looking for that tried and tested sophisticated color palette combination.

2. Tag Heuer Blue Dial Diamond Watch WBJ1416.BA0664

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If you’re looking for a sleeker cutting-edge design to match your business style aesthetics, this watch may be for you. Featuring a unique sapphire-blue look on top of exquisite diamond lacing, this watch is a looker.

The blue analog design accentuates the quartz/diamond combination giving the alloy steel hands a look more beautiful than most. The silver-tone band leaves a brilliant color dynamic with its sapphire-blue counterpart. 

It serves as a beautiful timepiece leaving no room for complaint. As the holidays creep closer, this piece of exquisite wristwear might be the right gift for a loved one. 

The beautiful color combined with the enhanced rhodium-plated hands screams “powerful women.” The materials used are of the utmost quality, allowing for its amazing quartz watch functions to come through. This glamorous watch, with its icy silver and winter night blue combination, is a Christmas favorite.

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  • An extremely accessible timepiece with visually appealing nuances
  • A beautiful Swiss-made Quartz Watch for ladies of all cultures and locations
  • Like most quality watches found in this price range, this timepiece is both scratch-proof and waterproof while sporting a hefty lifespan
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  • Its vibrant color scheme might prove incompatible to people of a more nuanced taste
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If you want a sleek, elegant design with a pop of color to break you out of the monotonous black and white, then quartz ladies, this watch is the right product for you. Not only will it help you look fashionable, but you can also use it as a symbol of your more refined tastes! Flex on those basic watches with this amazing Formula 1 alternative.

3. Tag Heuer Pink Mother of Pearl Watch WAC1216.BA0852

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The exorbitant pink Mother of Pearl design is tailored toward women of a more creative taste who aren’t afraid to embrace their more feminine side.

This piece in TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 collection is catered towards women who prefer a pink diamond-pearl design over trendier color schemes, such as sapphire-blue/quartz-white and so forth.

However, due to the subtle qualities of such a nuanced color scheme, it is found to be less popular than its counterparts in the TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection.

Despite its fine interior and strong build, its unique pink Mother of Pearl color scheme ends up as a dealbreaker for most.

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  • Its stainless-steel build gives it immunity to scratches and waterproofing
  • Beautiful diamond cog-shaped case
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  • The pink Diamond/Pearl design is generally considered unpopular by most
  • This particular timepiece has been discontinued after running out of stock
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Considering that formula one racing is mostly saturated by men and women of sportier natures, it comes as no surprise that a watch with a more feminine touch is less in demand. But don’t let other perceptions steer you away from this gem, its high-grade quality, and price point make it a must-have for your collection!

4. Tag Heuer Diamond White Mother of Pearl WBJ131A.BA0666

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If you want a simple, tasteful piece to accentuate your look, we present this luxurious white dial watch to enhance your look without ever having to worry about it clashing with your outfit.

This Tag Heuer watch is a well-crafted and fashionable diamond watch with a diamond mother-of-pearl white dial and crystal.

The polished steel exterior brings a sense of harmony with the mother-of-pearl diamond white crystal. This Switzerland Company Limited wrist piece is a part of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Motor Racing collection. It portrays a perfect size proportion between the band and dial with a beautiful quartz diamond finish.

The beautiful silver-toned dial matches beautifully with the diamond-laced case. Its naturally scratch-resistant nature makes it more powerful than your average watch.

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  • The steel-silver color scheme brings a very refined fashionable look
  • The alloy steel structure gives it immunity to most environmental wear and tear. It shrugs off most blunt damage due to its seemingly indestructible steel
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  • The plain diamond-white color might deter people who prefer flashier color schemes
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Generally, this is an excellent option if you are on the lookout for something that will go well on every occasion. From formal to casual this timeless piece is a must-have in your collection, for it compliments any color combination you can come up with!

And if you’re not of those collector sorts and just want one watch you can wear everywhere with everything, this is the one for you! Customer ratings suggest this is perfect for someone who needs a one-item-fits-all solution and is looking to accessorize their daily getups.

5. Tag Heuer Blue Dial Diamond Watch WBJ1316.BA0666

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Much like its WBJ1416 counterpart that we’ve already gushed over in our guide, this is an absolutely beautiful timepiece. Its ocean-blue sapphire crystal blends seamlessly with its alloy steel dial and diamond case.

The overall design depicts the impression of a sleek and classy individual while still maintaining the perfect amount of bling. It is priced slightly higher than the WBJ1416 due to its slightly larger frame.

The beautiful stainless-steel dial brings with it considerable stability and strength.

The fashionable color scheme is absolute eye candy to most people who lay their eyes on it. It brings a remarkably classy look and a breath of life to your entire getup.

The scratch-proof and waterproof qualities are simply a cherry on top of this already impressive quartz watch.

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  • Absolutely stunning in terms of looks and wear
  • Swiss-made pristine timepiece
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  • Slightly more expensive
  • Larger frame
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The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Blue Dial Diamond ladies’ watch has a lot to offer simply because it is an immensely feminine and sophisticated fashion accessory. The elegance of the diamond indexes is complimented by the blue dial of the watch, making it well-loved by customers.

We recommend it for anyone who is looking to up their fashion game, with a classy and sleek accessory. So, rush on over and get it as the perfect gift for your loved one.

Tag Heuer: The Best in Sports

Tag Heuer is a highly reputable corporation that is among the revolutionary watchmakers in this day and age. Brilliance is never limited by age – Tag Heuer came to be when Edouard Heuer, at the young age of 20, established his own company. 

The brilliant innovator initially produced simple pocket watches but later on branched out his exemplary talents to assist doctors to time patients’ heart rates.

The company invented the oscillating pinion which is still popular with many watchmakers today. The Heuer brand has continued in the footsteps of its founder –  they produced groundbreaking chronographs that can measure fractions of seconds, including the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 (1/1000th of a second) and the Mikrogirder (1/10000th of a second).

While they may not be considered high horology, the brand’s recognition and estimate of their value can be considered over the fact that they are the official timekeeper for Formula 1 Racing. 

The competition is well known for placing its winners with only a minute difference in time when reaching the finish line. Their reputation for their quality time assessment and measurement led to them getting partnered with the worldwide famous racing league.  

Considering its innovations, Tag Heuer has earned its rightful place in the luxury watch market and has earned recognition for its watches. With its rich history and innovation, it’s well worth considering its notable watches as a statement to wear and a good investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tag Heuer a good value for the money?

When buying a watch, many customers contemplate the brand from which they intend to purchase. Is “ABC” a good watch? Does “XYZ” company make watches worth their money? Well to put your minds at ease, concerning Tag Heuer the answer to the above is a solid yes.

The company makes great watches, from mechanical to quartz, and some highly specific chronographs as well. In fact, they are the producers of some of the best luxury smartwatches at the moment!

Are Tag Heuer watches waterproof?

The Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection is a series of watches marketed towards sports enthusiasts. The watches claim to have water resistance, elegant design, functionality, and performance.

Do TAG Heuer watches have batteries?

The Tag Heuer watches are mainly battery-operated with long wear time and minimum battery use.

What is the warranty period of TAG Heuer?

Tag Heuer has an amazing warranty period of 2 years, whereas most high-quality watch companies offer a shorter warranty period.


Choosing the watch can make a world of difference to your outlook. It is important to consider all factors before you make your choice. If you’re looking to invest in watches that provide glamor at a very reasonable price point, these watches are well worth considering.

We hope this article helped you find the right Tag Heuer Formula 1 ladies watch that fits your needs!

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