How to Wear a Watch For Ladies: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Wear a Watch For Ladies

Are you looking for a timeless piece to add to your jewelry collection? A watch is the perfect way to accessorize, and is also convenient for those always on the go. If this is your first time investing in a timepiece, you may be wondering how to wear your watch, and what style is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

From watch styles to outfit pairings, we have all the information you need when learning how to wear a watch for ladies.

What Are the Different Watch Styles?

With a range of styles available for all budgets, there are multiple types of watches that will suit any personality or outfit. Researching all of the different styles can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken down the different variations below.

Classic Style

classic ladies watch

Classic watches are a timeless watch style that is suitable for any event, outfit or activity. These classic timepieces usually feature a traditional leather strap and metal-link bands, which is what makes this such a statement for your wrist.

Perfect for casual events, formal occasions or running errands, this classic style of watch can be found in a variety of colors and materials, such as gold, rose-gold or silver.

Bangle Band Watches

ladies bangle watch

If high-fashion is your forte, a bangle band watch is perfect for you. With the ability to alternate the bangle on which your watch sits, you can create a variety of watch styles with the same watch face, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to accessorizing. If you’re purchasing extra bangles to switch up your watch’s look, you can choose from a loose or snug-fit to make this watch type completely unique to you.

Dress Watches

ladies dress watch

These types of watches are designed for one thing – to draw attention. These luxury watches are designed for special occasions or style statements, and can feature a bold design. These beautiful statement pieces have etched, sculpted or unique precious metals that contribute to the high-fashion quality of these luxury watches.

Leather Wristwatch

ladies leather watch

The timeless leather design is one of the most popular watch styles. Leather straps offer flexible and soft fits, and are suitable for all occasions. A brown leather band or black leather strap is an easy choice for those wanting to pop on their watch and go – as these conventional styles are a fit for every outfit, and every occasion!

Which Wrist Should a Watch go on?

different types of ladies watch

There is much debate around what wrist you should wear your watch on – but in all honesty, the choice should be up to the wearer! When it comes to how to wear a watch for ladies, many factors play into wrist placement. Depending on your job, lifestyle, and watch type, you may want to consider the information below before you decide which wrist to start rocking your watch on.


If you tend to be on-the-go, it may be wise to wear your watch on your non-dominant wrist. Whilst a watch is predominantly created to provide you with the time, if you’re busy going about your daily activities and you’re wearing an expensive watch, you may damage it if it’s worn on your dominant wrist. If this sounds like you, consider wearing your watch on your non-dominant wrist!

Crown Positioning

When you take a look at the original design of watches, the “crown” of the watch is generally found on the right-side of the watch – this is because most people are right-handed, so it tends to be worn by most users on the left wrist, allowing the crown to be easily reached.

The crown is the little dial on the side of the watch that enables users to change the time when they move into a new time zone or the clocks change. When you consider the positioning of the crown, it will be convenient for most wearers to place the watch on their left wrist, so the crown can be adjusted with the right hand.


When you wear your watch on your non-dominant wrist, it’s easy to see what time it is when you’re busy – this is because you tend to place objects in your dominant hand, leaving your non-dominant one free. If you’re wearing your watch on your dominant wrist, you’re more likely to drop whatever is in your other hand, as you’re not as used to doing things with the non-dominant hand!

How to Wear a Watch For Ladies: Considering the Occasion

When you’re investing in a watch, it’s wise to consider if the watch you’re choosing is going to be suitable for multiple occasions or outfits, or if you can adjust the appearance of the watch based on your event or outfit. Investing in multiple straps or bangles for your watch is going to make dressing for formal events, casual outfits, or day-to-day activities really simple. We have some easy steps you can follow below to make your watch choices a piece of cake!

Match Your Watch to Your Shoe Style

Whether you’re heading to a work dinner or going out for coffee with friends, the best way to decide on your watch type is to match your watch to your shoes. A rule of thumb to consider is that if you’re wearing trainers, a sports watch would be appropriate – and if you’re wearing a ballgown, a dress or bangle-style watch would be more appropriate.

Invest in an Everyday Watch

When your lifestyle is busy and your schedule is jam-packed, making your morning choices simple is going to make your day a little more stress-free. Investing in a go-to, everyday watch that is durable and neutral, such as a leather strap watch, is going to be a great way to still wear your timepiece, without worrying about what it looks like with all your outfits.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or meeting friends for coffee, a nude, brown or black leather strap watch is going to be an ideal choice for those who are always on the go.

Try a Sports Watch

ladies sports watch

Sports watches have become very popular over the last few years, and are considered formal and casual at the same time. These athletic watches are also extremely changeable, and you can invest in different watch strap styles, materials, and colors – making it easy to dress up, or dress down.

For those that live an active lifestyle, or are looking to be more active, this watch type is a great incentive to keep up your fitness whilst still looking good!

How Tight Should a Watch be?

Wearing watches the “right way” can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. The main thing you ought to consider, regardless of the type of watch you’re wearing, is the fit around your wrist, making sure it is not too tight or too loose. You want to make sure the watch sits on your wrist without stopping blood flow, and without it sliding down your wrist.

The happy medium for watch-wearers is just below your wrist bone. This placement is ideal for watches, and also provides you with a stylish, put-together look – wearing your watch close to your hand or too far up your forearm is going to look a little odd!

When you’re purchasing your watch, make sure you try the watch on multiple times to ensure the watch band is the right size for your wrist bone. Strap bands are usually adjustable, so for bands such as bracelet bands, ensure you remove or add links as necessary when you’re making your purchase.

There are a range of watch brands available for women, with new styles and creations being developed all the time. The top brands of watches are as follows:

  • Shinola: a high-end watch brand that offers a range of styles.
  • Breda: specializing in precious metal watches, these watch styles are affordable for any budget.
  • Olivia Burton: these feminine watches are a popular choice for young, entrepreneurial women.
  • Skagen: minimalistic and sustainable watches in a variety of designs and price-points for all budgets.
  • Daniel Wellington: this well-known watch brand is on the high-end of the scale when it comes to budgets and price-points.
  • Cartier: as one of the most famous jewelers worldwide, a Cartier watch is a statement timepiece for very important occasions.


We hope these tips have provided you with the help you need when it comes to how to wear a watch for ladies! Whether you go for a leather watch, a bracelet style, or a dress watch, you can adjust, adapt, and alternate the watch strap with ease for any occasion.

As a piece of jewelery that’s been worn for hundreds of years, you can easily incorporate a watch into your everyday life with ease – and establish the convenience of knowing the time without having to pull out your phone regularly.

Let us know if these tips have helped you decide which watch you’re looking at purchasing!

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