Are Tissot Watches Good? A Guide to Tissot

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Tissot watches have become synonymous with luxury timepieces. With their precise timekeeping, high-quality quartz movements, and superior craftsmanship, they have earned the reputation of being the ultimate watch for men. They have been in the watch-making business for centuries, and are also renowned for the unrivaled ease of operation and comfort provided by their slim, elegant designs.

Without any signs of easing in popularity, it begs the question: are Tissot watches good? Are they worth buying, or would they be a waste of money? And most importantly, what are the best Tissot watches around?

In this guide, we know you might be wondering about Tissot quality and if a watch is worth the money. Here, we will answer all your questions about the popular Swiss brand.

History of Tissot Watches

Among the handful of luxury brands that were able to stand the test of time and still retain their relevance, Tissot is a popular name.

The brand was started in the mid-1800s by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot. This led to some of the most innovative watches being introduced. From using mother of pearl for the first time to making the first watch made with stone, Tissot proved it was not a follower of tradition, but an innovator.

In 1983, Tissot became part of The Swatch Group Ltd, which let them produce timepiece components in bulk for other brands and companies.

However, the brand has not just stuck to watches alone. They’ve also signed deals with various sporting bodies like FIBA and WNBA, for whom they act as the official timekeeper. As the brand continues to create history, time shall tell what’s in store for the innovative brand for its fans.

Why Are Tissot Watches Good? What Makes Them Special?

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Tissot has been around for a while and yet still is relevant in the modern world. So what exactly makes Tissot special?

Quality Timepieces

There are only a handful of watch brands that can boast of having a list of accomplishments up their sleeve without providing overpriced items, and Tissot would likely top that list.

Tissot takes pride in delivering exceptional value for its customers, with all watches being COSC-certified. Tissot doesn’t compromise on design or functionality but offers high-end watches at affordable prices.

The brand has several quality checks at every step in its production and is in constant search of improving quality by using top materials. This is primarily why Tissot has earned the status of being a high-end manufacturer.

Tissot Men’s “Innovators By Tradition”

Tissot’s proud slogan, “Innovators by Tradition,” does not need any justification, and rightfully so. The brand has been known to break traditions and go one step ahead, to always deliver the best.

From testing different materials such as gold, ceramic, sapphire, and titanium, to making the world’s first watch made from stone, Tissot has never lagged behind in terms of innovation.

Of the myriad of things that Tissot can boast about, the most notable include making the world’s first 24-time zone watch, making the world’s first touchscreen wristwatch, and developing Tactile Technology. Essentially, Tactile Technology introduces a handful of new features to the traditional watch. The compass, chronograph, alarm, etc. make Tactile Technology perfect as a survival accessory.

Low Cost

When dealing with luxury brands, it’s unlikely to find the word affordability anywhere. But Tissot manages to keep its prices low while delivering all the high-end products.

This makes models from Tissot extremely popular among both the youth and older generations.


While it isn’t uncommon for large companies to introduce several automatic movements, Tissot definitely takes an edge in this department by bringing utility to the aspect.

An example of this would be the NICACHRON, which was solely created to tackle the issue of magnetic movements. Other examples include VALJOUX, SWISSMATIC, and POWERMATIC 80, all of which come with their own highlights.

Wide Variety

The Swiss watchmaker is no stranger when it comes to using different materials for its watches. Apart from the plethora of innovations, it regularly launches products made from the most unique materials on the market.

On Tissot’s menu, you can find watches made from stone, steel, sapphire, titanium, and even gold. These timepieces will be accompanied by the highest quality diamonds, rubies, and pearls. All in all, the Swiss watches are well worth it and come in a wide variety.

Best Tissot Watches Around

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Being a centuries-old brand, Tissot has a plethora of options that can be bought, including antiques. However, through the rich history of the company, a few timepieces have stood out. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Tissot watches to buy. Check them out below. 

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Dating back to 1978, an old flame was rekindled by Tissot by reintroducing the PRX watch to the masses in 2021 with the addition of the Powermatic 80. Before this, the watch relied on a simple quartz movement.

Apart from the fact that the watch looks slick and elegant, it is also incredibly practical because it can run up to 80 hours on power reserve alone.

These features have made the watch stand out, making it one of the bestsellers in the history of the Swiss watchmaking company.

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium

As with all watches featuring the Powermatic 80, Tissot’s Gentleman Silicium boasts up to 80 hours of power reserve.

The watch is best suited for formal wear but works equally well with casual wear. And the best part is that it comes with a whopping 2-year warranty, while also being water resistant.

The Tissot Gentlemen Powermatic 80 Silicium also has a see-through case back, with a Swiss automatic movement and Silicium, thus making it a magnetic-friendly timepiece.

The Tissot Gentleman belongs to the family of T-Classic.

Tissot Supersport Chrono

The Supersport Chrono has everything going in terms of looks, durability, and practicality.

It has a sporty look, inspired by a racing chronograph, and comes with a wide variety of features, including a 30-minute counter, and a 1/10th-second sub-dial.

Tissot’s Supersport Chrono belongs to the T-Sport collection and features the Swiss quartz movement: it has 13 different color options to choose from. In terms of the money-to-value ratio, it stands second to none.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph

The Seastar 1000 is a popular fan favorite. It can go well with just about any outfit, making it extremely versatile to use.

The watch comes with the Swiss quartz movement, featuring a sapphire crystal and stainless steel case. As with all watches with the name chronograph, the Seastar 1000 is also from the T-sport collection with a two-year warranty and 30 bar pressure water resistance.

It comes in 14 colors, allowing buyers to choose the one that suits them best.


What Is The Powermatic 80?

The Powermatic 80 is a movement that was introduced by Tissot. It is a brilliant technology that powers the watch of the person himself.

As a person moves, it keeps the watch charged: the watch stays on power reserve for up to 80 hours while still providing accurate time. Essentially, you could leave the watch unattended for 1.5 days without compromising any of its accuracy.

This makes the watch quite commendable since most other automatic watches can only go for about 36 hours before they eventually stop working.

Tissot vs. Longines

Longines and Tissot both produce beautiful watches, but which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at some key differences between the two.

Tissot watches are known for their outstanding precision and reliability: this is due to their mechanical movements. These are very accurate, durable, and long-lasting watches. Unlike the quartz movement found in Longines, mechanical movements are highly resistant to shocks and vibrations and are much better able to withstand extreme temperatures compared to quartz movements.

Tissot watches also tend to be lighter and smaller than those from Longines. If you want something discreet, lightweight, and stylish, then Tissot is probably the right choice. Longines tend to offer larger watches, which are relatively more expensive, mainly because of Longines’ heritage.

All in all, while Tissot may not officially be a luxury brand, it competes quite well with Longines in terms of affordability and versatility in models.

Tissot vs. Seiko

While Seiko may not be a Swiss brand, it definitely knows how to give other high-end brands a run for their money.

While both brands have been extremely good in terms of delivering quality and affordability, the main difference between them is the style they opt for. Tissot features a sharp, elegant look referring to a Swiss heritage that generally appeals to a larger audience. On the other hand, Seiko focuses mainly on the technical aspect with less priority on glamor and luxury.

Does Tissot Count as a Luxury Brand?

While Tissot does offer a wide range of high-end watches with expensive materials, it is not usually considered a luxury brand. Rather, Tissot is considered to be a mid-level brand due to the low price it offers.
Nevertheless, Tissot has found itself dealing regularly with customers looking for luxury items as it features products with expensive materials, including diamonds, gold, and authentic leather straps.


Tissot is a world-renowned brand that originated in Switzerland. The watchmaking company regularly makes high-end vintage watches with innovative technologies that can leave its competitors in awe. So, are Tissot watches good?

Most buyers often mistake Tissot to be a luxury brand: however, the price tag says otherwise. If you’re looking for an affordable watch that has a plethora of features and comes from a rich lineage, then Tissot may be just the brand for you.

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