Are Citizen Watches Good? A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Citizen Watches

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If you are a watch enthusiast, you must know of Citizen. If not, this article will provide you with information on the brand. 

A legendary watch-making brand based in Japan, Citizen manufactures the best automatic and some of the most catchy, unique, and affordable watches on the market. Citizen watches are also quite versatile, and could work for a hike, the office, or even a dive in the ocean. You can dress their models up or down, depending on the occasion.

The question is, are Citizen watches good? The brand has been around for quite a while, but that may not necessarily mean anything. However, given Citizen’s history, the brand has held its own in the watch market. Keep reading to find out more.

What Are Citizen Watches?

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Citizen is a Japanese watch brand, founded over ten decades ago. Citizen is popular in the watch-making industry, and has partnered with other big names like Marvel and Disney. Citizen makes quality yet unique and affordable watches.

Citizen was among the pioneers of the quartz movement used by most watches globally. The invention was a game-changer for Citizen, because it came with the precision absent in mechanical movements.

The brand’s innovation continued, and they later launched titanium watches. The titanium watch has impressive features, like being lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and corrosion-resistant. These are ideal for people allergic to nickel. Furthermore, the stainless steel makes the timepieces suitable for divers.

The other innovation Citizen boasts is the eco-drive movement. The brand pioneered the production of solar-powered watches. The eco-drive watches run continuously as long as they are exposed to any light every few months. The sustainability movement eliminated the creation and disposal of over 100 million lithium batteries in the United States.

Where Are Citizen Watches Manufactured?

Citizen is a Japanese brand, but it would be wrong to assume that all the brand’s timepieces are made in Japan. The brand’s global growth and expansion necessitated the establishment of new production plants in different countries. The higher-end models are mainly produced in Japan, while others are assembled in different locations, such as China.

The place of manufacture does not affect the quality of Citizen watches: the same mechanism is standard everywhere. Quality is always on the forefront, and never compromised, with Citizen watches. 

Everything You Should Know Before Buying Citizen Watches

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Citizen watches are unique additions to your watch collection. They focus on technology and producing low-cost watches, while still maintaining superior quality.

Generally, Citizen watches are people-centered, drawing from the brand’s reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. But the question is, are Citizen watches good? Let’s find out! 

Do Citizen Watches Have Value?

Citizen watches are quite affordable and readily available, which could make them unsuitable for holding or increasing value. However, they are amazing watches and beautiful timepieces to add to your collection. Here are the reasons why Citizen watches don’t hold or appreciate in value. 


Citizen produces high-quality watches despite their pocket-friendly prices. The brand uses the best materials to manufacture its watches at any level. The quality of such materials would not compare to the materials used to make luxury watches, but the materials used are often fine for the specific timepiece.

The brand boasts eco-drive technology, which enables the watches to be powered by light. Citizen watches do not require battery replacement, because most watches are solar.

The quality of the timepieces make them attractive and durable, but that does not factor into value appreciation, because prices don’t influence price fluctuations of Citizen watches.


Citizen watches are widely popular for their quality and affordability, but most watch brands have similar bragging rights on the matter. Citizen faces stiff competition from other popular brands that overshadow its market presence. 

Citizen always maintains its quality, but its narrow popularity sometimes doesn’t attract more users. Low demand pulls the value of Citizen down, putting them in a tough spot as far as holding or increasing value.

Competitors may receive the forefront and snatch the brand’s value, but keep in mind, Citizen watches are still great quality and are highly affordable.

Models and Collections

A watch model determines its ability to hold or appreciate. The pricing of watch models and collections depends on the materials used in production. The differences are responsible for the watches’ ability to hold or increase value.

The models and collections made with great materials will subsequently be priced high. Some models may grow popular or have a limited edition: such factors contribute to how well the specific piece will hold its value.

All Citizen watches are made with quality materials, and their prices are well-placed. The brand barely makes limited editions, and this makes their models and collections hard to appreciate in value.

Prices and Availability

Cost and supply affect how any product holds or appreciates. Watch enthusiasts are often interested in a watch’s ability to hold or appreciate value because they are interested in reselling it. 

Citizen watches do not fall on this radar because they have a high supply on the market. Most people don’t buy an older version while it still retails in a store. 

People who invest in watches often look for limited editions or discontinued models. Such categories grace the luxurious watch market, and can never be affordable. Citizen watches have a few discontinued models that would be pricier than they were originally, but most are inexpensive.


Citizen mass-produces affordable and readily-available watches, but limits production of luxury pieces to small batches. These high-end pieces are more likely to increase in value if the brand maintains its small stock, and would do even better in the secondhand market if they remain limited.

Citizen’s luxury watches are expensive because they feature super titanium, pink gold, and sapphire crystal. Here are more reasons for their high prices:


Citizen uses premium materials while manufacturing their watches. The brand includes a sapphire crystal watch face, which denotes luxury. The sapphire crystal feature is responsible for durability and glare resistance, making the watch highly visible in any lighting setup. Citizen’s luxury watches show this feature.

Titanium is considered luxurious because of its weight and appearance: it replaces stainless steel as a lighter option for the bracelet. Watches that feature a band of pink gold are eye-catching and drive up the brand’s luxury. All of these contribute to the high prices of the luxurious models of Citizen.


Citizen watches embody different styles to match their price differences. The cheaper models and collections feature a basic and simple aesthetic, while the luxurious models are flashy and durable. The high-end models feature sapphire crystal, titanium bracelet, titanium case, and even pink gold.

Citizen watches are unique, and even their cheaper models feature distinct styles. The timepieces may look simple, but the distinctions embody luxury. High-end Citizen pieces cost more for their functional yet lavish styles.


Citizen is technology-driven and prioritizes functionality, as illustrated by their eco-drive feature. The eco-drive feature makes their watches energy efficient, as they can run on natural light. The eco-drive watches can work for months without direct sunlight.

Citizen watches are also highly reliable because of their annual time deviation of one second. Time deviation relates to how close in accuracy your watch is to the official time references. This feature makes the brand highly accurate. What’s more, Citizen can achieve premium accuracy on their non-mechanical timepieces without being stuck in the traditional ways of making watches.

These highly reliable watches will definitely cost more than a dime. Watch enthusiasts prefer watches they can depend on. 

Top Citizen Models

Citizen has many iconic designs to match diverse tastes in the market. Here are a few models you can grab for yourself.

Promaster Nighthawk

Promaster Nighthawk

The Promaster Nighthawk is one of the more complex pieces produced by Citizen. Its dial is crammed with many markers that give the timepiece a complicated look. It has a 42mm diameter, and would be suitable for people with large wrists.

The model operates on eco-drive movement, so you will not require a battery change. The watch can run smoothly provided you expose it to sunlight at least once in six months.

Promaster Nighthawk comes in different varieties and colors. The case is tall with a diameter of 10mm and 12mm: however, it still looks immaculate thanks to the ceramic bezel ring gracing its complicated face.

It has a remarkable depth derived from the mineral crystal lying on top of the bezel. The crystal is impact and shatter-resistant. The model features an internal bezel under the second crown embedded at the eight o’clock mark, and denotes the battery level.

More uniqueness and complications lie on the 24-hour dial. The model ditches the regular sub-dial window and replaces it with a semi-circle on the left side with AM and PM distinguished with white and yellow.

The piece features a rotating hand under the three basic hands and white and yellow planes hovering around it. You can distinguish the AM from the PM by watching the white and yellow plane over the 24-hour dial. The white plane crosses during the AM while the yellow crosses during the PM.

The strap is made of genuine leather. The straps feature circular cutouts that join forces with the overall over-complication of the model to make it a beautiful timepiece. Apart from beauty, the Promaster Nighthawk’s quality is uncompromised. It is water resistant like other Citizen watches, and the case is made of stainless steel.

The timepiece also boasts dual time zones and the current dates.

Promaster Diver

Promaster Diver

The Citizen Promaster Diver is highly versatile, and you can easily dress it up or down. It would be on any watch enthusiast’s list for versatility, affordability, and quality.

The Promaster Diver is bigger and heavier than the Promaster Nighthawk. It weighs 163g and  the 44mm to 48mm case diameter would be ideal for people with bigger wrists.

If you’re interested in scuba diving, the Promaster Diver is your companion. The piece is water resistant to the rate of up to 200m in depth. The resistance is suitable for diving since other activities like swimming only require around 100m of resistance. 

Just like any other Citizen watch, Promaster Diver does not need a battery change because it runs on eco-drive movement. All you have to do is expose the watch to sunlight from time to time. All eco-drive watches are projected to run forever if maintained well.

The Promaster Diver has a crown just like any other dive watch, but also has a uniquely flattering shape with stainless guards. Unlike the Promaster Nighthawk, the Diver is less complicated. It features a stainless steel case complemented by a three-hand dial and date with oval hour indices. Bezel indentations resemble the orca whale, and the noon marker and minute hand feature a pop of color.

The timepiece has a sturdy bezel to keep your setting steady while underwater. The bezel rotates counterclockwise. Its indices and hands are large and quite readable. The feature makes the model accurate, reliable, and perfect for underwater reading, especially when it’s dark.

The Divers’ titanium case is scratch resistant, and its sapphire crystal face is anti-reflective. The watch is also anti-magnetic: its silver-tone bracelet made of super titanium gives the piece a perfect finishing.


Chandler watch

The other icon timepiece from Citizen is Chandler. Unlike Promaster Nighthawk and Diver, the Chandler is compact with a stainless steel case diameter of 37mm. If you prefer small watches, the Chandler is the one for you!

This watch eliminates battery changes since it runs on eco-drive movement like other Citizen watches. It features a day-date window, and simple three-hand rotation. Its simplicity extends to the readable Arabic numerals. The dial has a dramatic black outlook with a luminous hour and minute hand, a second hand, and a date indicator.

The Chandler is characterized by strong readability and luminescence, especially when the sun sets. In addition, like the first two models, the watch has a mineral crystal which is impact and shatter-resistant. 

The Chandler boasts a 100m water resistance fit for everyday activities like taking showers and swimming. This model is reliable and keeps time without ever needing to be wound or having a change in batteries. 

Caliber 0100

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The Citizen Caliber 0100 is the rarest and most expensive Citizen watch. It is the most precise and accurate watch ever made, and a perfect timekeeping partner. This limited edition piece with just 500 pieces worldwide has an annual accuracy of +-1 second.

The Caliber 0100 works similarly to GPS-corrected watches to deliver accuracy, which forms the basis of the watch’s selling point. The mechanism involves the inclusion of a quartz crystal that vibrates in millions of hertz and anti-backlash motors. Anti-backlash motors powered by the eco-drive independently check their markers’ positions.

Caliber 0100 is water-resistant and powered by eco-drive technology, and, like the other Citizen watches, it does not require battery change or winding. The watch can run perpetually as long as it is exposed to light once every few months.

This timepiece is housed in a perfectly-crafted titanium case featuring flawless polishing, lines, indices, and dials. The piece has a case diameter of 37.5mm, and features a super titanium case and bracelet with a contrasting black dial. Additional features include a skeleton case back, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The crystal is impact and shatter-resistant because the anti-reflective coating deflects light. 

Promaster Diver Automatic

Promaster Diver Automatic

Citizen Eco-Drive Divers are among the most affordable dive watches on the market. They are reliable and perform better than other watches that may have a higher cost. 

Citizen is technology-driven, as well as focused on sustainability. Apart from affordable solar-powered steel watches, the brand has added scratch-resistant watches to its collection.

The Diver Titanium is an upgrade that came out fresher and more durable than its counterparts. It improves on an already-classic diver, making it more market-desirable. The titanium gives the piece its lightweight feature, with a weight of 3.3 ounces: it’s responsible for keeping the watch looking new for a longer time period.

The watch exhibits high luminescence and readability for accuracy and reliability underwater. It is also a great timekeeper, with +-15 seconds per day.

Are Citizen Watches Good? Tips on Luxuriousness 

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Even though some of its watches are luxury, Citizen is not considered a luxury brand because it does not exclusively produce luxury watches. The high-end Citizen watches achieve luxurious status from their exclusivity and high prices.

Furthermore, the brand includes sapphire crystal watch faces, pink gold, and titanium, which put them under the luxury category. Watch fanatics wouldn’t rank Citizen in the same category as Rolex or Cartier, but the brand is famous for mass-producing diverse low and medium-priced watches. Currently, few Citizen timepieces fit in the luxury watch market.

Where to Shop for Citizen Watches

Citizen is popular worldwide, and you can find a reputable dealer from any big city globally. There are two options: shopping offline and online.

Some people feel more comfortable and safe shopping offline: if you are one of those people, don’t fret! You can locate the nearest Citizen store in your area, then walk in and enjoy the amazing pool of watches. You won’t miss a single Citizen store or a reputable retailer in most shopping malls in the world’s big cities.

Online shoppers have a plethora of options to pick from. You can shop directly from Citizen’s official website from the comfort of your living room, and have your piece delivered to your doorstep. Make sure you shop from a store committed to your region for smoother operations.

The other option is to look for online shops that offer preferred timepieces. The drill is the same. You shop, and your product will be delivered to your home. Be sure to verify the authenticity of products bought from such shops.

Lastly, Amazon users can access authentic Citizen products by visiting Amazon’s official website. Check for amazing offers on Citizen watches and a variety of timepieces for a good deal. Amazon will deliver your products to your doorstep.

How to Verify Authenticity of a Citizen Watch

Assuming you shopped for a new timepiece online, check the document once you receive the package. The warranty and instructions should be original copies, instead of photographed copies in fake products. If that raises some concerns, you can proceed to verify your watch by checking the product itself.

Confirm whether the model and serial numbers at the back of the case match those in the documents. If the details match or not, you can check the authenticity of your Citizen watch on their official website. Verify your watch’s serial number from Citizen’s official website.

The serial number consists of 6 characters, and any difference means fake. There should be a model number as well. The brand has two styles of case backs: center engraved style and edge engraved style. Pay attention to the Citizen logo on the watch face, which should be present in all the models.

You can also tell between a fake and an original Citizen watch from the weight difference. Fake watches tend to be slightly lighter than original pieces. The hack would come in handy if you already own different Citizen watches

Citizen Versus Seiko

Citizen Versus Seiko

Citizen and Seiko are Japanese watch brands known for their longevity in the watch-making industry. They often get compared because they both have a huge market presence and a lot to offer. Nonetheless, the two legendary players have few differences other than their names.


One of the differences between Seiko and Citizen is their choice of movements. Citizen focuses almost solely on quartz movements. 

On the contrary, Seiko’s approach follows multiple movements like kinetic and mechanical. Seiko also uses quartz, but its range of mechanical movement sets it apart. Seiko would offer you a mechanical, self-winding watch, but its accuracy would be compromised because of quartz.


Both Seiko and Citizen utilize technology to steer innovation. One of the major technologies is solar. Both brands produce solar-powered watches, but Citizen takes the edge. Citizen was among the first brands to produce solar-powered watches and invest in solar technology. Currently, their eco-drive is a major milestone in solar power.

The eco-drive technology means an eco-drive watch doesn’t need a replacement battery. The technology aligns with quartz movement and is efficient and environmentally-friendly. Modern eco-drive watches charge in any light and run for months.

Seiko has their solar-powered watches, but in limited numbers. These timepieces are the mechanical types.

The other technology is atomic timekeeping. Both brands have pioneered the innovation of radio-controlled watches. Such watches are highly precise. The accuracy level of atomic clocks lies within 1 second every 100,000 years. The watches correct the time automatically because of the narrow error.


Watch styles vary from one brand to another, but they always vary from traditional to high-tech watches. Consumers also have varying style choices. However, Seiko is widely known for its traditional and older school watches, while Citizen has a more modern look. Citizen has grown more creative and innovative over time, unlike Seiko, who maintains their classic look.

Seiko manufactures stylish and affordable dress watches, while Citizen also makes simple and minimalist watches. Determining the best of the two styles may be a bit challenging.

Quality and Accuracy

Citizen beats Seiko when it comes to accuracy because of the quartz movement. Seiko insists on producing mechanical watches in their range. It is argued that mechanical watches may be more affordable, but so are the mass-produced lower and medium-quality Citizen pieces.

Both brands produce quality watches, but Citizen’s production is more sophisticated, especially considering the precise timekeeping feature of quartz movement.

History and Brands

Seiko was established earlier than Citizen. It was founded in the 1800s, but its first wristwatch came out in 1913. The brand has continued to expand its expertise and range through acquisitions like Seiko Epson and sub-brands.

Seiko has developed the Grand Seiko brand separately from other Seiko watches and produces high-end watches. However, Seiko has not spread out like Citizen. Citizen was established in 1918 in Japan under a Swiss owner, and it has since expanded further than Seiko, maintaining the Swiss/Japanese relationship over decades. Citizen further extended the brand’s prowess in the watch market in both countries: it owns multiple brands like Bulova and Alpina.


Seiko and Citizen have similarities drawing from their innovation and origin with Swiss watch-making, but Citizen is more popular. The brand enjoys more outreach and sales compared to Seiko. Finding a Seiko watch in a retail store is a bit challenging, and most of their customers buy directly from Seiko. Seiko is not a luxury watch brand.

On the contrary, Citizen has established its presence in the global market through worldwide retailing. You can easily buy Citizen products offline at retail stores or online from their official website or other reputable retailers like Amazon. Citizen is also more popular after their sustainability movement with the eco-drive technology.

Pricing and Aesthetics

Seiko watches range from highly affordable to very expensive, with the lowest going as low as $100. Seiko watches feature a classy finish, durability, and stylish designs. On the downside, the brand does not include any precious metals, like gold and platinum.

Citizen watches are also quite affordable compared to Seiko, which is underwhelming. Even though this brand is focused on accuracy, eco-drive watches start as low as $100. Citizen does not use any precious metals either: they use other quality materials, like sapphire and pink gold.

Nevertheless, Citizen watches feature high durability and immaculate finishes. The brand uses stainless steel to make its durable cases and bracelets.


If you’re asking “are Citizen watches good,” we answer yes. Citizen watches are unique, versatile, and affordable, yet they fail to hold or increase in value. However, some luxurious models have the potential to appreciate or hold value if moderated in limited editions. 

Citizen’s profile matches the common person looking for a timepiece to steal the show and add to their collection. Affordable watches like Citizen’s are meant to be bought for personal satisfaction, rather than to resell at some point.

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